Validated ideas 2.0

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NOTE: List last updated: 2020-12-31

A list of more than 9,000 popular but poorly executed (UNDERVALUED) products and apps.

This list is perfect for those who are looking for new project ideas or for those who want to know the market better. It's hard to build things when you don't know if people will need it or not. But what about improving existing, popular BUT badly executed products? That way, you can be sure that there IS demand.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, build things which are already validated.

This list contains:
- 2,599 iOS Apps
- 1,226 Chrome Extensions
- 240 Web Apps (from ProductHunt)
- 4,999 Android Apps

After the purchase, you will get access to 4 Airtables (for each category) and you can download the JSON files containing all the information.


Although the information changes every day (since people download or delete apps and leave reviews) this list is still relevant after the "last updated" date. 
It could be that, for example, the Chrome extensions list displays that a certain extension has 40,000 users, but in reality it has more/less users because people removed it/more people started using it.
So if you see some mistakes in the list, that's the reason, but it still gives you an idea about what products are in high demand.

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Access to 4 Airtables (URLs) and 4 JSON files

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Validated ideas 2.0

13 ratings
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